Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nelly Capra's website is launched

Nelly Capra is talented in so many ways, and she shares her talents with people who enjoy all things about Italy, from food to touring, from history to learning about the culture from a native speaker. She shares her success with people in need, such as The Hunger Project.

Nelly and I have had fun together collaborating to develop a new look for her website. I enjoyed the challenge of building the site using XHTML for the content, with Cascading Style Sheets to provide the presentation elements. We worked to enhance search engine optimization, while providing compelling content to help visitors find Nelly's tours, catering, events and specialty products. You've got to try her soft almond cookies, known as Mandorletti. Nelly teaches Italian language classes, cooking classes and caters lovely dinner parties and events. Enjoy her new site: