Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bilingual English / Spanish website

Dr. Peter Ernest Haiman of Berkeley, California is a child rearing expert who saw the need to bring his materials to the Spanish speaking community. He enlisted the help of our mighty team: Jude Berman, Project Manager and Editor/Author,  Anitra Grisales,  Academic Editing & Translation, and me Tatiana Promessi, his webmaster. We launched the Spanish side of his site with several articles translated and available in web and .pdf format, and are continuing to translate and post new articles frequently. Dr. Haiman is now considering other languages to make his site available in more languages.

Click the images below to see each home page:


This was a very interesting project which made me aware how helpful it is to have multilingual websites. Culturally translating specific pages that are useful to varied language groups can make important information more available and truly help our clients serve their communities.

Our team works well together and is available for more projects like this.