Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bright Afternoon, a new painting

Bright Afternoon, oil 30 x 36 in.

Our California hills are vivid under clear skies this time of year. Jim has chosen a single oak to showcase this bright landscape.

Jim hikes daily in these hills and knows them well. That personal knowledge shows through his paintings.

See more new paintings on Jim's website:


Anonymous said...

This is cool . . . this works! On the blog there was a box with a red X in it, so I clicked that to see the painting. Was the image supposed to appear as a thumbnail?
This is from Judy McDowell. I forgot my username and password.

webdiva said...

Thanks for writing Judy. Yes there should be a painting with California oak trees as a thumbnail. Do you by chance have images turned off as an option in your browser?
Can you see the thumbnail image of the Nevada Cottonwoods painting in an earlier post?