Saturday, January 27, 2007

Los Altos Art Docents

Jim welcomed the Los Altos Art Docents to his studio last week. They do a wonderful job teaching and introducing art in our local elementary schools. The kids and teachers are always excited to see an art docent arrive, brushes and tools in hand, and some pretty amazing work is produced by the end of class.

The art docents meet weekly to learn new skills, and often ask professional artists to speak to their group about their work. The volunteers promote art appreciation through hands-on art lessons and art appreciation lessons. The art is curriculum-based, the docents are volunteers, and the program is in its 37th year. Each year they hold a Student Art Show.

We welcome the Los Altos Art Docents to sign-up for free email notifications of new postings, usually announcing new paintings by Jim. The subscibe button is to the right and the process is fast and secure.


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